Ultimate Burger

If you love burgers, ‘Jerry’s’ is the place for you! Their burgers are 100% pure beef and there is a vegetarian option for all the veggie eaters. Haha. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and full of trendy hipsters, but all are welcome. You can find Jerry’s at 5 Park Rd, Gardens.

My cousin was the bad influence for suggesting ‘Jerry’s’ and I am glad he did. We all had been to kick boxing all week and done our fair share of cardio, so we deserved a naughty delicious, full of calories meal.  Our very beautiful and cute little waitress must have thought that we were pigs for the amount of food we ordered… for only three people. 

I try stay away from red meat and only consume it on special occasions, so it was time to break the rules. We each ordered a beer, burger and chips. The beer tastes sweet like it had peaches in it, I can’t remember the name of it. I ordered the Back N Blue, mmm blue cheese sauce my favourite, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I thought I am eating meat already… so might as well have bacon too…naughty gurl. My cousin ordered sides for us to share, corn dogs, onion rings and cheese bombs. Yes, gluttony heaven.  I did try a bit of each but ended up not finishing my chips, my stomach had been stretch to its max capacity. Of cause the boys finished everything but two cheese bombs.

It was a lovely evening, good atmosphere and comfort food. Always good to indulge once in a while… But not all the time because you will get fat!  If you enjoy eating a good hearty burger then you won’t be disappointed with ‘Jerry’s.’



One thought on “Ultimate Burger

  1. I once had one of their famous burgers do not quiet recall the name either but one serving and I was ‘guffed’ cool blog chch! Keep up the cool posts! I am a huge fan of your blogs!

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