The alarm went off at 6am and I snoozed it for another 15min… And was rudely awaken, what felt like only minutes later. I pulled body into an upright position and I called to my partner ‘Doodles, wake up! it’s mountain time!’ He went to bed pretty late the night before doing some work, so I thought he would be little grouchy. I could not have been more wrong! He was tired but seemed in good spirits to hike, ready to take on the challenge ahead. ‘I’m going to see my niece and then I will be back at 7am to fetch you, and we will go fetch Nev (his sister in-law.)’ I told him and run out the the front door. I was of cause late fetching him and rushed us both out the door and took my dog Olive with. I quickly pop Nev a text saying ‘we are on the way, see you now.’ She texted back ‘k, I will wait outside.’ Oh great she’s going to wait outside, so I have the pressure to rush even more.. hate it when I am late. After stopping at every red robot we eventually made it to her. Why when you rushing somewhere does it feel like the robots are against you.

We arrived at the bottom of Lion’s Head and met up with my partners mom, we call her The Mamma. (Nev gave her that name.) It was The Mamma first time going up and she seemed very anxious and worried, she doesn’t usually do any exercise, but we reassured her that she would be fine.

Nev and I hiked ahead and left my partner, Olive and The Mamma behind. We wanted to at least get a good work out in.

Nev and I chatted about life and work and we tried to take some selfies with the view of the mountain behind  us but most of them just came out looking up our nostrils. It was just not working out the way we wanted. haha! At one part of the hike we came across some dog pooh (big dog), left in the middle of the path, Nev complained ‘ah! Hate it when people bring their dogs up the mountain and don’t even move or pick up their mess! At least flick it into the the bushes.’ I just giggled and agreed with her, it’s her OCD kicking in.

We made it up in 42 minute, we did take longer than usual but it was more about spending girl/family time together.

The view was breath taking and it was good just to relax and not worry about work and life for those few minutes of silence.

I called my partner to see where they were ‘I’m at the chains, my moms going to wait for us here but I will come up with Olive. Will you wait for me? ‘ ‘Yes, see you soon Doodles!’ And hung up.

Nev and I took the opportunity to take some pictures (we both love pictures, what girl doesn’t?), with a great view. There was a rock on the edge of the mountain, I had jumped on it and attempted to do my famous yoga pose Natarajasana. (I’m not a yoga expert, I just like the way it looks.) ‘Che! Don’t fall! ‘Nev made noses like ‘eek!’ ‘Aah!’ ‘Watch out!’And as hard as it is to admit, it was bloody hard to balance! Nev wanted to try it too but when she jumped on the rock, she said ‘oh shit! No it’s fine I will just stand.’ Haha she so cute! Confidence is key!

Nev pointed at a dussie devouring some banana peel left behind by the earlier hikers. ‘Come here, I just want to cuddle you.’ Haha yes she talks to dussie’s.

Then I saw her my little cute Olive running towards me sounded like she was saying ‘ hi hi hi mom! I’m here.’ I sometime imagine if she could talk what would she say to me. (I’m a little crazy… I feel we all are… just a little ) She screeched to a halt when she saw the dussie. Shame, it got a fright and ran away and leaving behind only a small piece of its treasure it had found. Olive was not interested in what it was eating, she was way to excited about smelling all the plants.

My partner emerged about a few seconds after Olive did. He looked tired but handsome. He was tired because he carried Olive up the steep parts of the mountain (most of the incline, it must be true love.)

He kissed me hello then collapsed next to me and took the view in. He had also had a stressful week and it was time he relaxed and took in the fresh air, a little piece of heaven.

Descending down I kept an eye out for The Mamma. I heard Nev from behind saying ‘get away, get away from here! Get away!’ I couldn’t see who she was talking to. ‘Who is there?’ ‘A fly! It almost flew up my nose.’ Hahah what a funny little lady!

We eventually met up with The Mamma and she looked good! I thought we would find her huffing and puffing… Melted on a stone. She was just sitting there calmly and greeting everyone that passed. (We are so ungrateful and forget about the beautiful place we live in.) I called out to her ‘hi! How you feeling’ Nev did also call out to her. ‘Darlings, are you proud of me, for making it this far?  Nev laughed and said  ‘Yes! Duuuh! I can’t believe you even came.’

The sun had gotten very hot, it is meant to be winter soon (my favourite time of the year.) but no summer is still showing herself. She did a good job to show off her heating skills on our way down. My sun block had started feeling sticky on my skin, I think it is from my sweat mixing with it. I was just thinking great, and now I’m going to get wrinkles from the direct sunlight hitting my face.

We all walked down together. I carried Olive down the last bit of path. She had given up on walking and tried to find any bit of shade to just relax in. The Mamma let us in on a little secret, let’s just say she needed the toilet half way up and had quite an experience in the bushes.
Overall the family outing was a success and we would like to do it at least once a week.


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