I didn’t know LOUIS VUITTON made furniture?

IMG_1826.jpgWhat an exquisite and elegant piece and we had the honour to have it in our store, this is very surprising because we are at the very lowest tip of Africa, South Africa to be exact and our head office is in London, where the piece was shipped from. ( they sometimes forget about Cape Town Team.) The fact is that the owner of this pieces lives in Cape Town.

My Louis Vuitton team was so exhilarated to build the Lounge chair (It didn’t look like lounge chair at first, more like an art piece), that all three had to help with the task at hand. They all put on their micro fibre gloves and slowly, with care and love, removed the individual modules out the box and lay them on our carpet.( In the Louis Vuitton rule book it states that we only wear one micro fibre glove to present an item… they all put on both, that is how careful they wanted to be. It was an exception. haha)

My one colleague, Neville has true leadership skills, reading the instructions and dictating which individual modules and straps go where, while the others, Yumna and Ricardo, gathered all the pieces and pieced it together like a puzzle. It was quiet funny to watch, it took them a while.. maybe half an hour due to the confusion of it all. Why didn’t I help? firstly: you don’t want to mess with Neville when he is giving orders (his way or no way), secondly: it was only a two man job and thirdly: I was lazy and it looked complicated. If they had asked me, I definitely would have given a hand but instead I got to watch (had no popcorn, sadly) the show. Of course there was a little bickering back and forth, amongst the three. 

On most days Neville will take his favourite bag in our store and walk with it around like he is on the runway. He will ask questions like ‘if you had to say which bag I am, which one would I be?’ Rhetorical question, we all know he want you to say ‘you are the Capucine.’ It is the bag to have, part of our rare and exceptional range. All of us and our customers strive to have this bag. 

Anyway back to the main point, the outcome was a sleek, elegant and modern lounge chair. No one was allowed to touch it while we waited for the rightful owner of the item to arrive. My manager, Yumna, was a proud mama bear to have this item in our store with a smile on her face from ear to ear. (We were all proud but she was the person to put the sale through.) She went and got the customers little delightful treats to have with their cappuccinos while they tried out their lounge chair, a true ‘Louis Vuitton’ experience.



The elegant lady was so happy with her chair for the hour in our store, she lay on the lounge chair and made herself at home. Greeting other customers as they walked in admiring, now her piece.

The lounge chair has the ability to transform its shape and functionality. It can be enjoyed as a chaise longue, a lounge chair and a pouf due to the fact that each individual modules are removable and can be adjusted together by sleek belts and straps that finish it off beautifully. The materials used to create such a magnificent chair are: a high- tech carbon fibre, keeping it light but strong at them same time, and is then covered in a soft leather on the exterior and suede on the interior. 

Who is the master mind for this piece? Marcel Wanders an interior and product designer based in Amsterdam, he created this original and rare piece for Louis Vuitton incorporating their travel history, quality craftsmanship and diversity. The lounge chair, called ‘The Object’ will showcase at the Theobjets Nomades Collection. Marcel Wanders is internationally known for his Knotted chair, simple yet so complexed.  


“Today’s complexity requires great simplicity.” – Tom Perry

I couldn’t agree more, look at Marcel Wanders creations it looks so simple when looking at the item but we don’t realise the thought process and workmanship behind it.

Louis Vuiiton


One thought on “I didn’t know LOUIS VUITTON made furniture?

  1. A delightful and well written, interesting write up, I have also recently come across a Louis Vuitton old school luguage case that turned into an outdoor shower! Looking forward to your next blog! Xx

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