You can never have to much Louis… Can you?;)

I’ll need a credit card that’s got no limit. -Rockstar, Nickelback

Every lady loves Louis Vuitton and if you say you don’t, you are definitely in denial. The bag all the ladies are going crazy for, is the Pochette Metis. This bag is so popular there is in fact a world- wide stock shortage on it. It was meant to be discontinued but due to the positive fuss about it they have decided to satisfy our customers and carry on making it. (How kind of them!) I myself need and want this bag and I love everything about it.

This bag is actually based on the Metis, the word pochette means envelope/ clutch in french, so basically a smaller version of the Metis. Even if you do not like the monogram print. I can guarantee you that you will love the Pochette Metis after trying it on and seeing your reflection in the mirror. (Hello pretty lady! )

My colleague Sacha, beautiful and cute Portuguese little lady with a British accent. Dislikes the Monogram print but is a huge fan of the Damier. (Opposite of me, I am a monogram girl through and though.) She tried on the Pochette Metis and fell so in love that in the first year of working, in our company, she would show her clients her favourite monogram bag. All I ever heard her say to clients ‘if I ever went for monogram it would only be in the this bag.’

It was not as popular in 2014 but now in 2016 almost every lady is asking about it.

Pochette Metis


The Pochette Metis is very versatile, it can be used for the evening or everyday (cross body strap included.) Dressed up or dress down, perfect for every occasion. Please don’t let the pictures deceive the size of the bag, it is very spacious and is one of the designs we have that has compartment on the inside.(Not just a black whole.) A full length wallet, lipstick, iPad mini, iPhone 6 plus and car keys can fit in and still have space for more items! YES! We always needs more space for more… things.


If you still don’t believe me, that this is the ‘it’ bag to have. Here are some amazing outfits seen with the Pochette Metis.

For every man out there please remember ‘Flowers say “I’m sorry.” Louis Vuitton says “I have learned my lesson”‘

Ok tenks!


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