I can see clearly now! 

Today I am scheduled for my Lasik eye surgery with Dr Aleksic. I am very anxious and a little sick to my stomach, I am such a baby when it comes to these things, but exited to finally see without the aid of contact lenses or spectacles. You might think it is a small thing but for me it is life changing.

I am that person who sleeps with their spectacles on EVERY night and wears contact lenses all day, EVERY day. It has not been a struggle as I know, no other way. I have always had bad eyes since I can remember. My vision, without contacts, is a permanent state of cream/oil that has been smeared in my eyes and what ever I do, there is nothing to get my vision clear. Everything and everyone looks a blur.

Then you get individual’s with good eye sight or slightly bad like -100,-200 or even more asking questions  ‘why don’t you just carry on wearing your glasses? ‘Do you really need lazer?’ (Judgement.) They can not relate, therefore they can not understand. (My lens prescriptions are almost -1000.) I don’t need lazer but it is an added benefit to my life. A classic example is: My spectacles had fallen off while I was sleeping. That when I woke up I could not see where they were, nor could I find them, so decided to hobble like a mole to the bathroom. I walked straight into my bathroom door because I couldn’t see if the door was actual closed or open. 

Most days my eyes will itch from my contact lenses and literally spend the whole day blinking, scratching, rubbing and sometimes washing my eyes out with contact solution. I never wear my spectacles to work for the fact that they look like two magnifying glasses on my face (not very luxurious.) I have friends that commented ‘Wow! I never knew you had such bad eye sight!’ Or ‘wow! Those glasses are so thick!’ (Yes! Thank you, I hadn’t notice. Haha) I am not sure about all contact users but most of the time my eyes feel uncomfortable and it really effects my mood in a very negative way. 

I am so over the moon to have this done. I have never woken up, opened my eyes and just been able to see everything around me. ‘I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day.’ (Sorry abit of my crazy side coming out.) 

For six weeks I am not to: go to the gym, rub my eyes, put on eye make-up and swim. I am very lucky and have a very understanding manager and team. When I told her I can’t put on eye make-up her reaction was ‘ oh! That’s ok, it’s only a few days!’ Hahah! I looked at her and said ‘not a few days, it’s six weeks!’ She was shocked but had to be fine with it. I am looking forward to the three day bed rest. 

 The procedure is only an hour long. Each eye is done individually and it involves creating a thin flap on the eye, folding it to enable remodeling of the tissue beneath with a laser then repositioning the flap. All painless. The scariest part is I have worked myself up so much, by watching YouTube videos on the procedure that I have started panicing even more.  No! No more videos. Get your act together and put on your big girl pants!

I will give you all a short update of my progress later this week. For now it’s just rest, rest and rest. 


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