Feel for some Mexican? I know just the place for you! 

Feel for a feast? A Mexican inspired evening at  ‘The Fat Cactus.’ Started with lime and strawberry margarita (jug)for the table and they kept on flowing. We tried the strawberry and mango margarita (jug) next. Must admit the first lot was better but the more you drink the better it goes down. Hahah 

We decide to order a few things to share, so we could try everything. 

  1. Enchilada – sloppy joe beef
  2. Chick n waffle – sweet and salty, what a great surprise.  
  3. Nachos -Mexican chicken 
  4. Burrito -sloppy joe beef 

Great comfort food for a cold evening in the mother city! Saucy, tasty, cheesy, appetizing, scrumptious, yummy, mouth-watering and enjoyable.

Atmosphere is warm and welcoming! It’s a definite must try on a night of indulgents and cheat meals.


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