Have I gone mad? 

I woke up on Saturday morning, 21/05/2016, and like a crazy person signed up for the Sanlam Cape Town marathon. Yes!! Only after did I realize, shit! I need to get my ass into gear.

Am I out of my mind!? (Maybe a little?) Training can not wait!

I did my research, bought a book for running my first marathon. (‘Run your first Marathon’ by Grete Waitz and Gloria Averbuch.) It includes a 16 week training programme for a half marathon and a full marathon. May I just say it will be my first marathon and maybe I can do it or not. We will have to see…

The training programme’s are great in the book.  It includes one for beginners, walk to run beginners program. It also explains how to run correctly, stretch and eat. It been very helpful to me. I usually start strong, over do it and never finish.

Keep calm and train! I am only two days in… and I’m stiff! ( haha)


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