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Hot Yoga, first class

I joined my first hot yoga class, it’s actually called Bikram yoga. They said I would be fine… clearly that was not the case. My marathon training programme suggested I do a yoga class on my rest days. I am very obedient and decide to sign up for my first free Bikram yoga class.

I arrived at the class, towel and yoga mat in hand and was very excited. I sat outside waiting for the instructor to invite me into her studio. (She was just finishing off the class before mine.)

Walking through the sliding doors, I felt instant heat hit my face and skin. I found a place on the floor where I was not in front of the class but I also was not at the back. I was positioned just enough to see what was going on but faraway enough so that the instructor couldn’t see me mess up. The room was so hot that I thought ‘oh no, phew! I’m back in asia!’

The yoga instructor started the class and about 15 minute in, I decided it was way to hot and I needed water and maybe make a run for it, but no! I tried slowly and carefully to tiptoe out when she said (in a very relaxing voice ) ‘hey, just sit down where you are, don’t leave the class.’ I tried hand signing her, that it was way to hot for me but she ignored me. Is this lady serious!? I tried to say ‘I need some’ ‘ssssssshhhhhhhhh’ she raised her index finger at me and pointed her finger down. I was SO embarrassed I just sat my melting, sweaty and red body down.


This is it, goodbye world I’m going to die in this yoga class, my nostrils are just burning breathing in this heat, I’m sweating like I’m stuck in the desert and I feel like I’m turning into a piece of dried peach. I was now about 5 steps away from my towel and mat, and as I tried to crawl towards it, she said ‘don’t move just lie there if the heat is to intense for you.’  Now I’m thinking I’m definitely not going to move. I am just going to have to sit and wait before I can use my towel again. Time went slowly, it felt like it had been days since I was allowed a sip of water. (The class was only an hour long.)

There I am lying on the hard wooden floor, sweating so much and all I’m doing is just lying there, like a dead body in my own puddle of sweat in stead of blood. Everyone else was doing their yoga poses and seemed to not be bothered by the heat… Like I was.


The class ended and I just carried lying there, till I could build up the courage to stand up and face everyone outside.

Red faced and mascara smudge all around my eyes, I stood up and slowly made my way out and home. I know, you asking, who wears make up to a work out? it was after work and I had wet wiped my face clean.. I forgot to do my eye… maybe I left it on purpose so I didn’t feel too naked but anyway I still suffered in the end.

Do your research before going to Bikram yoga because I seriously didn’t realize it would be that hot and intense, I thought it is yoga, it’s going to be so easy. I hear so many people saying yoga is relaxing so I assumed relaxing equaled easy. Definitely not the case! I really give kudos to individual’s who have mastered the art of yoga, it really takes inner and outer strength and flexibility to get it right. Completely different to any other work out.

Funny enough even though I didn’t do much/any of the yoga positions, I still felt good a few hours after and refreshed.

There are some great yoga studios where I live currently:

      1. Hot Dog Yoga
      2. Concept Studio
      3. The Yoga Factor
      4. Yo Yoga
      5. Yoga Zone

At this moment I think it is best I just stick to normal yoga, grasp the concepts and positions and build up a tolerance for the heated room, then take on the challenge again!




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