A few months back I had a very big fall (in front of the whole
Atlantic Seaboard) on the promenade, while running. I was very
embarrassed, I jumped up and carried on running for another 2 km and
only ( when the coast was clear) did I stopped and check my hands and
knees, there was loads of blood and gravel. To top it off I also broke
my ring finger on the right hand. Yes, you may laugh. I am the only
person to run on flat surface and fall and make it look like I fell down
a hill or mountain. For weeks after I avoided the promenade like the

It has been a struggle getting back into running. Waking up in morning
and feeling instantly tired just thinking about going for a run. I say
to myself ‘oh I will run tomorrow.’ Then I think ‘no! what if tomorrow
I am lazy again!’ There is no time to be lazy. I debate with myself
for at least 10 minutes every morning before I let my tiny legs hit
the road.

During my runs I think to myself, when will this agony finally be
over? Every step I take I feel that my legs are getting heavier and
heavier. My watch beeps for every km and all I can think is ‘what!
what! how can it only be 2 km? I have been running so long.’ then I
cry on the inside till my goal for the day is achieved. (If someone
could hear whats going on in my mind they would think I definitely
belong in a metal institution. haha)

I like to think I am fit and that I am fine bending and helping
customer but actually I am so stiff that when no one is looking I
hobble to safety of our stock room where no one can see me, trying to
stretch out my very tight legs and groin.

All in all once the hard work is done the after/ post run feeling is
amazing ( I feel so good I take a selfie.. then I delete when I see
how red and sweaty I look.) The feel good feeling can not be
explained. I know I say I feel such agony running the kilometers but
once your body gets warm, 3 km in, it feels like it gets easier. The
kilometers feel faster and effortless (sometimes.) There will be good
running days and there will be bad running days.

I honestly feel so refreshed the rest of the day and so healthy. It is okay to feel discouraged at times but achieving set goals are what count.


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