My first Gucci 

I purchased my first Gucci bag and I love it! Never thought I would be a Gucci fan but I guess you can never go wrong with a black handbag. 

My friend Irvan works at the Gucci store at the V&A Waterfront. He was the one who got me to go into the store and take a look. You see, I’m more of a Louis Vuitton kinda girl. I was actually just pop in to say hi to him and be on my way home. Ended up buying… That just shows you what will power I have? 

I didn’t own a black handbag till I got this one, most of my other bags are blue, navy blue, orange and brown. (I know, orange? But it’s a stunning bag.) 

My Gucci is classic, elegant and so understated, which I love! It really is a me bag and everyone that has seen me with it has complimented me on it. 

And remember you can’t go wrong with black, it’s timeless! One black handbag is enough. 


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