Coco and Olive… Who are they? 

I have two beautiful jackrussell and I honestly treat them like they are my babies. Going through life without them would be such a shame. I just don’t understand others that don’t like animals (I respect their decision) but how boring must your life be without one. They are the only individuals, I think that can convey pure love without judgement.

Coming home everyday and being greeted with so much excitement that it make me feel so special and loved and happy to be home. ‘Dogs never bite me. Just humans.’ That’s the harsh truth.

Everyone that knows me, knows I am a huge animal lover and I am obsessed with my own ones. My older one is Coco, named after Coco Chanel. I chose her because she looked like she had eyeliner drawn around her eyes, cat style, same way I do my make up. You know what they say dogs look like their owners. My baby one is Olive, named after Popeye and Olive. She was a rescue, found her on the N7, in Cape Town. She was a size of a rat when we found her with no fur (mange.) She hasn’t grown much and it has been four years. The positive side is that she is forever going to be puppy size. (Which many people compliment me on.) Due to her being a rescue she has many health issues, so she is a little more expensive than Coco. 1378109_10153418957600160_960157970_n.jpg


Coco and Olive

Olive is an epileptic and so has only a raw diet that helps her prevent fits and it really works (but do your research on it.) My partners brother actually was the first one to give their dogs a raw diet and suggested it to us. Coco has a normal diet, she has no health issues.

I have a cat called mimi that I have adopted too. She does her own thing most of the time but does want abit of the attention when everyone is around. Luckily all my fur children get along! Phew!

I love taking my dogs out for walks. I get to show off my Julius-K9 harnesses. So many people compliments me on my girl’s harnesses and they are always asking me where I got my harnesses from. Best part is that Julius-K9 can be bought in South Africa. It is an amazing product and it has a huge range from leashes, dogs toys, muzzles and more.(If you click on the Julius-K9 it should take you to the South African website and you can see the full range there.) Julius-K9 is very popular overseas and it is the only brand most dog owners use over there. You dogs derseves only the best and remember comfort is so important. If you have a big dog(pit bull or Husky size) these harnesses are even better for them and easier to manage.

I feel so sad when I think about how short my dogs lives are, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home everyday. Such precious little short lives they spend it with us (cherish.) They truely bring so much laughter and love and make my life whole (selfish.) Then you have individuals that say dogs are not in heaven or animals don’t go to heaven… honestly I feel they will be there long before any of us will.


One thought on “Coco and Olive… Who are they? 

  1. Very sweet! Very touch notes! Don’t be sad to think they live short! They are not and they are sooo luck to have MeiMei to adopt them so excellent!


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