La Colombe 

I joined my sister inlaw for her birthday at La Colombe. What an amazing venue! It is situated on top of Silvermist wine estate. Driving up those winding ascending stone roads almost makes you feel excited but worried (especially if you go at night) that you never going to get there or you have taken a wrong turn. 

You have the option to pair each course with wine (South African.) or you can get a bottle of wine for the table/ no wine at all for the non drinkers. ( They have fabulous virgin cocktails.) 

Poached oyster, lemon, seaweed, apple

Seared tuna and tartare, avocado, quail egg, ponzu, citrus, nori puff

Grilled fillet of linefish, saffron bulgur wheat, squid, chorizo, smoked soubise sauce

Smoked ox tongue, coriander, ginger, capers, red onion, umami broth and crisp kataiffi

Citrus glazed scallop, pork belly crepinette, kimchi, cauliflower fondant, smoked cauliflower velouté

Seared loin of springbok, caramalized onion, walnut crumble, asparagus, fig, fondant potato, and fig jus

Manjari 64% chocolate crémeux, cherry stracciatella, kirsch, tonka bean and almond

Everything did a dance in my mouth, such different and unique flavours. Mouth watering deliciousness. 


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