I love my other half but sometimes I want to spend time with other females and chat about what we chat about.

Men will never understand us, with our crazy hormones it is always good to be able to chat to another women with no judgement, frustrations and confusion. They just won’t get it and if you say that your man understands, then you are most definitely in denial… basically I am calling you a liar. No man will ever understand a woman’s hormonal problem. That is way we have girl friends.

Go have fun! Life is short and we got to make the most of it… while we are still young and able to move our legs.

Do not even try understand us because quite frankly I do not understand myself… most of the time, but it makes it easier to have other females sympathise with me… as I am sure they have similar dilemmas.

All we need is a good girls night out… once in a while. It helps relax and destress. Gossip is always welcome. (We all like a good story.. we are not all angels.)

Relax and enjoy your time while you still alive:) 


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