Rant & Vent 

Frustration goes though my mind when I think of us.

We distroy the world we live in. Kill and harm everything that stands in our path. We wonder why there are so many natural disasters happening. Please have common sense and realise nature won’t be quiet forever.

I wake up most days and wonder why are we here and why are we allowed to be so cruel, thoughtless and heartless in a place that we are meant to preserve?

So many problems in our world; vanishing species, air pollution, rain forest destruction, water pollution and world hunger. I could go on. Do we care? I assume most of us don’t!

We forget about all the people that can’t eat or drink when they want. Did you know that 795 million people of 7.3 billion people in the world suffer from chronic undernourishment? No it’s all about me, me, me. We waste so much food everyday day, gluttony. When we need to be appreciative of  what we have and so grateful we are able to have it available to us ALL THE TIME!

I see humans but not humanity.

Cruelty to animals is another sore topic for me. Animal testing is the biggest culprit! It is inhumane and there are so many alternatives to this but yet people still use this option.

People speak sometimes about the “bestial” cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel.

I am not at all saying do not consume animal products, I support consuming animal products. I just want everyone to do their research find out where their butcher gets their meat from or where their local super market gets their produce from. We have got to support small farmer that keep happy and free range animals for us to eat and real organic, free range vegetables. We all know the products we consumer today are all full of GMO. Yet there are some food markets that get non GMO produces and they go that extra mile to find local farmers, farming the right way!

The privleged think they can treat people, they see in their eyes as being beneath them, the way the see fit. My mother always told me “We are all on the same level.” Are we not all humans? Equality

I do consider myself very lucky and I am so grateful but I feel so guilty when I purchase mindlessly and always thank God for the life I have… But is it really God who gave me this privileged life? Was it his choice? Im not sure but I think it most probably doesn’t involve him, it would be hard working parents, family or yourself. I think about the underprivileged and it just makes me feel shame and guilt. Most of us try help where we can but is it ok to turn a blind eye sometimes? Because you are so ashamed? Or you just don’t care?

If you are rude to a waiter, shop assistant or your domestic worker… I’m not saying you a bad person but I am for sure judging you, silently. You shouldn’t care what I think… Just realise the moment you disrespect someone and redicul them make sure you do it in private. Sometimes an authoritative approach is needed, to teach someone when they can’t do it or done something wrong. There is a difference between teaching and being a dick/bitch.

We all need a break from work, stress and life. Every single human, some think they deserve it more, than others. Comparisons is a terrible thing! Yes, we all do it. Everyone has their own issues, some worse than others. Most times we talk about it because we just want someone to listen, we not really looking for an opinion. So let’s be kind to each other.


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